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Szazados Family SUNEMAR HAT MANUFACTURERS B.T. is 100% owned by a Hungarian family, the SZÁZADOS family. The company’s roots go back to 1977,when the eldest member of the family - Zoltán Százados - established his first workshop in Újpest, after gaining a successful master’s degree in 1976. He acquired his work experience between 1961-1976 in the work state hat factory. With the family's involvement in the ongoing improvements, it made it possible for the establishment of PILLEUS KFT, in 1992, where the manufacturing of men’s hats with their own technology of serial manufacturing. This is actually a combination of factory and manual procedures. These hats quickly became known and sought after,work in the demanding markets of the United States, Israel, Great-Britain and the Netherlands. Typical of the successful operation of PILLEUS, that in the mid ’90’s we were manufacturing several thousands of hats, on behalf of the world-famous Italian BORSALINO Hat Manufacturers, and from 1996 the deliveries to Israel began specifically to the distributers of their local market, to FERSTER HATS. Another development direction was the creation of fabric and canvas hats, these products also soon became very popular. In Hungary, the workproducts of the family were also distributed for several years by the state-owned industries MODI KERESKEDELMI VÁLLALAT, ARANYPÓK, CENTRUM ÁRUHÁZAK, SKÁLA, and GRIFF etc. Furthermore, theaters and famous costume designers – i.e. Schäffer Judit Jászai- and Kossuth Award winning costume designer were also amongst the regular customers. There were further changes needed, therefore in 2003 the son of Zoltán Százados - Csaba Százados - founded the current company, where the previously mentioned successful technology is still in use for production, mainly for the Israeli and American markets. They are also happy to undertake labor work, and are looking for such connections. The factory’s machinery and tools are capable of producing between 500-900 pieces of hats and caps per month; therefore the company mainly supplies to retailers and wholesalers, but is also prepared to satisfy individual needs under a separate agreement.